Scooby Doo, Sports, and Lego Cake


Scooby Doo, Sports, and Lego Cake

Hello everyone! This cake was made for my nephew’s 6th birthday.  All he wanted for his cake when I asked him was a “scooby doo, lego, and sports cake” (and I asked him if it had to be all together, he said YES).  So here it is! The cake is from a stadium cake pan that they unfortunately don’t make anymore (sorry!) and it is chocolate! A recipe should be coming by this weekend on a different post.  The main thing about this cake is that it is all-natural and NOT made from anything artificial :).  The “people” in the stadium are made from Milk Chocolate Sun Drops.  The frosting is my traditional Buttercream Frosting and the food dye is made by India Tree.  The sign is reading “Lego City home of the Giants.”  The scooby doo car was something I found at a local toy store and I filled it with more “people” :).  I have to say that my nephew loved the cake and wants me to make it again so he could just play with it.  Comment and like please!! 🙂


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